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Alexander Crowley – A New King in Town

Published Date: March 25, 2018

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Set in St Ives the Cornish boutique holiday resort this fast paced page turning adventure fantasy draws on the locality, traditions, religions and myths for its themes.

Starring Alexander Crowley a smart arsed shoot from the hip trickster (Supposedly the bastard Great Grandson of Aleister Crowley the 20th Century Occultist) who is on the run from his recent escapades.

He decides to lay low in a holiday home borrowed from a dubious benefactor and his swashbuckling adventures throughout the summer draw on supernatural foundations and circumstances that are well researched and contain a modicum of reality. From the minute he enters the town our hero is pitched at odds with the local mobsters, demons and deities.

There is an intriguing and exciting cast of supporting characters who are a delight;
Booby De-Faux – a needy “Sidekick”
The Spirit Saint who acts as “Minder” supported by her mysterious cat “The Black Manilishi”
A Vampire assassin and a Killer King are also along for the ride and even romance is on the cards as our character, a renowned and successful womaniser seems this time to be looking for a meaningful relationship amongst all the chaos.

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