Reapers of Souls and Magic (A Rohrland Saga)

Published Date: September 29, 2017

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Reapers of Souls and Magic takes the reader on the ultimate quest. After the Gods created the Rohrlands, they created the Elfahee to give breath and life to their once barren world. The Elfaheen created mystical and wonderful creatures of legend to fill the world. Everything was as it should be, until pride, envy, and rebellion crept into their idyllic realm. Led by Lavalor, thirteen Elfaheen used the power given by the Gods to create Asmordia, in their arrogance they inadvertently created the multitudes of multiverses, including Earth.

Now, Tetra, another of the original children of the Gods, must now save them all. Filled with innocence and naivety she is forced to ally with Lavalor to save both, the Rohrlands and his corrupted realm, Asmordia. To do this she must find the three outworlders from the realm of Earth and send them home, or kill them, to prevent the Im’Shallene, the end of all things.

Tetra must battle against Lavalor’s dark desire of rule and independence from the Gods, but also her own unrealized inner demons.


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