BLP was founded in 2015 as a way of bridging the chasm that each writer traverses on the journey to becoming a published author. Often, no matter how good an author’s story is, many never see a publisher’s press. As a small, independent press, we were able to offer publishing opportunities to writers who pushed the boundaries and explored unconventional themes, but also found it difficult to be heard by mainstream publishers. Our original focus was on liminality, but over the last 5 years, we have grown and added a new print focusing on more mainstream themes. Although we’ve continued to grow, our focus remains on bringing the best to our readers.


Meet the BLP team

Cherie Macenka (co-founder/Sales and Marketing)

Cherie (cmacenka@btwnthelines.com) has been writing since she was a teen, penning anything that came to mind. She has a closet filled with journals holding her thoughts, story ideas, and her dreams. She cut her writing for public consumption teeth on various fan fiction and created a virtual cafe for other authors to showcase their work. She holds a BA English and Creative Writing. After several years working as an editor for a variety of publishers, Cherie branched out on her own.

Morgan Bliadd (co-founder/Art and Design)

Morgan (morgan@btwnthelines.com) is an award-winning photographer, archaeologist, and hoarder of lore. He has always been drawn to the weird and fantastical. His academic research has him firmly ensconced in the liminal world, acting as a bridge to the past. Morgan brings that passion to life while creating concept art and enjoys working with our authors in bringing their words into a visual landscape. You’ll find his photographs on several Liminal Book covers.

Jace Martell (Marketing Coordinator)

Jace Martell’s (marketing@btwnthelines.com) old-soul personality turned out to be a perfect match for the life she ended up with: being raised by her grandmother in a retirement town in southern Arizona. As an avid reader, she started to notice how books were being marketed and realized that she had a knack for seeing books from a different perspective. Jace creates unique marketing plans for each book that is lucky enough to find its way to her desk.

Deb Alix (Acquisitions Editor)

Deb Alix is a storyteller across mediums, from the stage, to steel, and the written word. A natural “fix it” person, she is dedicated to helping her artists, authors, and peers improve their chosen crafts. She is constantly drawn to the need for improvement, which would explain her editorial hunger. Deb is a Hoosier at heart, and adores stories that unabashedly unearth ignored truths.

Misty Mount (Editor and Author Coach)

Misty is an award-winning author of several books exploring liminal spaces, including The Shadow Girl. She’s expanded on her experience as a developmental editor as an author coach. This allows her to work one on one with new authors through every step of the creative process.

Sian Helyg (Author Services Coordinator)

Sian (info@btwnthelines.com) joined the BLP family as our remote personal assistant. It didn’t take long before she carved out a niche for herself and created a position as the go to contact for current and prospective authors. If you have a question, Sian will find the answer.


Employment Opportunities