BLP was established as a way for emerging authors to get their stories published, bridging the difficulty in gaining recognition from larger publishers. As a small independent press, we have been able to guide those pushing boundaries and blending traditional genres with unusual concepts. We started out with a focus on liminality: stories that were just beyond the realm of mainstream publishers. However, over the past five years we have been fortunate enough to grow and expand our print portfolio to cater for more general themes too. We take great pride in the stories we provide our readers and strive to remain at the forefront of contemporary fiction to ensure they receive only the highest quality work.


Meet the BLP team

Abby Macenka (co-founder/Sales and Marketing)

Abby (abby@btwnthelines.com)has been putting pen to paper since she was a teenager, using her journals to capture her thoughts, story ideas, and dreams. She cut her writing for public consumption teeth on various fan fiction and created a virtual cafe to allow emerging authors a platform to showcase their work. She holds a BA English and Creative Writing. After several years working as an editor for a variety of publishers, Abby branched out on her own.

Morgan Bliadd (co-founder/Art and Design)

Morgan (morgan@btwnthelines.com) is an award-winning photographer, archaeologist, and hoarder of lore. He has always been drawn to the weird and fantastical. His academic research has him firmly ensconced in the liminal world, acting as a bridge to the past. Morgan brings that passion to life while creating concept art and enjoys working with our authors in bringing their words into a visual landscape. You’ll find his photographs on several of our covers.

Penny Dowden (Editor)

Penny’s (penny@btwnthelines.com) love of books and a tightly woven narrative placed her on the publishing road. Her early experience as a proofreader demonstrated her natural ability for editing. Her background in English with a dash of grammarian makes her a natural “fix it” person.

Steve Cross (Editing/Proofreading)

Steve is both an educator and author of multiple books, plays, and screenplays. Over the last few years, he has seen several of his plays brought to life. His main genre is Young Adult where he explores adolescent mental health.


Employment Opportunities