BLP is currently accepting engaging stories in search of a great home.  If you think your manuscript pushes the boundaries and will leave us breathless, we want to hear from you. We do accept adult-centered fiction, but do ask that you indicate this in your query letter.

  • Length – mainly looking for full-length novels, but are open to novellas of no less than 40k words.
  • Series – we will happily consider a series as long as each book is a standalone. No unresolved plots with major cliff-hangers. Exception – if the series is complete, we will consider the series as a whole.
  • Not accepted – Erotic (adult themes okay, but not graphic), Chapter books or those geared towards early readers or short stories collections

Please send all queries through the red “STACK SUBMISSIONS” button below.

Requested manuscripts will have a response within 5 weeks of receipt. We appreciate how it feels to wait and do not wish that on any author. You gave it your all, you should expect that in return. We give priority to requested manuscripts, but will respond to unsolicited manuscripts within three months of original submission.  Unexpected issues can delay this, so if you haven’t heard from us within three months, please send an email. Include “title – submission follow-up. Due to the number of submissions received, please do not contact until after the third month has passed.

Submission formatting guidelines:

  • One-inch margins
  • Times New Roman (or any plain text font)
  • Header or cover page – title and author name
  • Plain text for chapter headings and body – no styles
  • double-spaced without additional spacing between paragraphs
  • Please use *** to denote a change in scene within a chapter